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Michaels and Associates is a full service web design, advertising, marketing, recruiting and public relations firm that helps businesses boost website conversions using the power of social media. They work with clients to develop their brand's voice on social channels while improving business results through digital marketing strategies.

Michaels and Associates was founded in 2015 by Shawn Michaels after working for companies like Honda and Toyota Group of America. The company has now helped over 100 companies be found and grow.

At Michaels and Associates, we offer freelancing web design, advertising, marketing and recruiting services for small businesses. We’d like to provide you with a free consultation on how we might help you become more prosperous online and in your  business.


We’ve got you covered with our Advanced recruiting system

Here’s a video from one of our recruiting events showing how our Sales Funnel, advertising, and marketing was able to bring in over 30+ applicants to a job fair we put on for a clients…. this was actually a small class.

Whatever you’re business needs we can help you excel!



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