Outsourcing your automotive sales staff recruiting needs is not only convenient, but can be a cost effective means of meeting and exceeding objectives.  Automotive sales staff recruiters can help you save time and money .  Outsourcing recruiting needs not only saves time and effort, but can also lead to discovering hidden gems in the employment pool that may have been missed in previous DIY attempts.  Michaels and Associates are your helping hand in finding the highest caliber of car sales people available in any market.

Our Advertising, Marketing and Recruiting draws in more qualified applicants in just a matter of days than most can accomplish in a month!

At Michaels and Associates we do one thing better than anyone else, we recruit, SCREEN, interview, train, and retain the best automotive salespeople in the industry! With our recruiting and training campaigns, we have the experience, desire, and know-how, to help you sell more vehicles, through the development of top-notch, car sales professionals. If you are looking to take market share and close a higher percentage of your customers, then it's time to contact us, have a conversation and see just what we can do for you and your dealership.

Michaels and Associates provides dealers with "Committed, Well-Trained Salespeople, with No Bad Habits," in your market, with our proven, low fee, turn key, guaranteed salesperson recruiting and training programs!

 After you say YES!  We go to work creating exciting ads that stand out from the rest! Our recruiters then begin to communicate with all respondents to the ads and set an appointment for them to come to your store and interview with one of our Professional Recruiter/Trainers.

Our Recruiter/Trainer will meet with you on the morning of the first day, and of course throughout the week, to gather information on what some of your challenges have been, what you specifically are looking for or not looking for in a salesperson, what type of selling system you have. We conduct what is called "Flex Training," our trainers can adjust to however you run your store or train using our proven system.

Our Recruiter/Trainer will then interview all applicants via a professional interview to determine who can complete the training, sell vehicles and ultimately make more money  for you.

The training consists of 3 days of the basic "Road to a Sale," role play, tests, homework, shopping your competition, ending Friday of that week with a live presentation from each "graduate" where you will be able to see who is real and... who is not! You choose from whom is left standing that you believe are the best and our Trainer will place the rest.

Michaels and Associates will recruit, interview, screen, train and help you retain these potentially outstanding sales leaders. We also offer a "Full Course Training" option that can be conducted after that first week, as an affordable option to you, and we have found it to be one of the best ways to retain the talent that we trained for you!

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