Your brand is your image and a promise… as defined by your target audience. We promise to consistently deliver seo with Creative Business Advertising and Marketing better than your competition! 

At the intersection of what you do better than the competition and what’s important to your target audience is your sweet spot. Otherwise known as your brand position. We will help you find it. We're big fans of creativity that gets you noticed. We're even bigger fans of creativity that gets you the results you want!

Do your ads and website convey your brand position, as well as your product benefits? Are your message and design consistent from one medium to another? Michaels and Associates will handle your creative guarantees with seamless communication that builds your brand equity.

Whether it's digital or social media advertising, marketing, recruiting or training we make it all work together. And work to boost your bottom line.

We create stunning and exciting advertisements to help you increase the profits of your company by saving you time and energy!

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