Website Design and Web Page Design

Website design is the process of designing website pages, website page elements (including graphics, text, and multimedia), website usability, website accessibility, and website navigation.

A website designer is a person who designs websites. The term web design refers to both website design and web development; for this reason, many new designers learn programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET, or Flash in addition to graphic design principles. A website designer will usually work with content managers who write the text that appears on each page.

A website design company can create an extremely functional website for your company, but it is up to you to maximize the website's potential by using website design best practices. Remembering some website design basics can make all the difference in how well your website performs.

Your website may contain hundreds of pages and thousands of products; however, it will be useless if no one can find your website.

In website design, the website's ease of use is a critical factor. It doesn't matter how beautiful a website is if it takes your website visitors 5-10 minutes to load up all the products for each page or you have to click too many times to get from one page to another.

With website design, website goals are paramount.

Is your website supposed to provide product information, help customers make purchases online, increase website traffic, or some combination of these functions? Your website design company should refine the website's vision into specific website goals that can be used as benchmarks for success. Some website owners also choose to incorporate site analytics tools into their website design. These website tools provide website owners with detailed information on website use and traffic, helping website owners determine how visitors are using their website.

Your website's layout should be carefully considered, as well. If possible, keep your website simple, so it is easy to navigate. Your website should have a consistent look and feel throughout all website pages. If website visitor feel like they are on the website for a long time because it is challenging to navigate, they will be much less likely to understand your brand message.

Website design best practices also include a unique website and website content. The website content should meet several objectives, including being original and well-organized. Content must be helpful, concise, and be a responsive web design., website designers should also be aware of website navigation and website page length, website design aesthetics (such as website colors and website graphics), website security, website backup, website hosting, website speed, website support information, website maintenance requirements, Google search engine optimization (SEO) requirements, user-friendliness, website analytics tools integration options, website mobile website options, website off-site ranking factors, website multimedia integration requirements, website content management system requirements, website sub-page structures, website website design tools (such as website buttons and menu bars), website site map creation needs, website attractiveness to potential customers, and cost.

Except for Google Adwords (which allows you to pay for website visits), website traffic is the only way to increase website sales.

Several website tools can be used to optimize website page rank, most notably Google Analytics. Every website owner should use website analytics tools to determine which website pages are drawing attention and how visitors are using each website page. Website owners can then use that information along with search engine optimization tools to improve website page rank and website search engine results (which will increase website traffic).

This is why it's always best to hire your web design services to a professional web design company to help facilitate your web pages design and marketing services.

Web design companies are supposed to help with all facets of your website design and marketing strategies. With website design, there are three website design essentials that the website design company should keep in mind.


The first website design essential is to make sure the website looks professional and easy to use. People like sites that look nice but also are laid out logically where they can navigate easily. Having an organized site makes you appear more reputable. When a web page design is easy to navigate, website visitors will spend more time on your website and be able to find the information they need and are more likely to want to do business with the business owner and their company.

The second website design essential is to make sure you incorporate website links that enable website visitors to access crucial areas of your website quickly. This is one key reason why having an organized site reduces your website traffic bounce rate. When people are looking for a specific product, this is where search engines come into play.

Search Engines are essential website design tools because website owners can use website keywords to make sure website visitors can find their website.

The third website essential is easy website maintenance. Website design services company needs to clean up the website regularly and make website updates as soon as new information becomes available. A good web design agency will help with all of these things and again with social media advertising, marketing tools, site design, and the design process.

Getting it out to the masses

Getting your site to show up on the search engine results page is hard work and takes time. An effective website design agency will have website marketing specialists that can help website owners get their website in front of potential customers.

Social media advertising is by far the best source these days to utilize website design services. With the website services of social media ads, website owners can use website design services to get website traffic to their website and other websites.

For website owners looking for immediate website traffic to their website or or another site, Google Adwords is probably your best bet. The only problem with Google Adwords is the cost factor. Website services like Facebook are cost effective website traffic source.

In the old days, website design and website marketing were like two separate entities each doing their own thing. With today's website design and website marketing it is expected that the same people who offer website design also offer website marketing services. Social media advertising is just part of that service now.

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