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Why Video Advertising Is Sweeping The Nation


Why Video Advertising Is Sweeping The Nation

Video advertising is a great way to drive traffic to your business because it gets the most exposure. Video advertising is an excellent service for any business because it leaves a lasting impression on others."

Video advertising also prevents you from using up much of the budget you have to get your business out there.on platforms like Facebook and Instagram stories."

Video content

Video content can be costly when it comes to making your videos. A video ad can be expensive because it's not inexpensive to make a video. Engaging content, however, can provide so much exposure for your business."

Video advertisements are one of the best ways to advertise anything within this day and age. Video ads are popular because they are practical and efficient and like a perfect storm.

Video ads are more memorable than text ads and can watch at any time. Video ads are also an excellent way to target customers with technology such as geo-targeting, which can help you reach the right consumers at the right place and time. Video ads allow for a more personal and targeted approach than traditional forms of advertising. They're becoming increasingly popular due to the higher return on investment that this type of digital marketing offers.

Video Ad Spend

The average person spends 2 hours on social media every day, so it's an ideal place for a video ad with a call-to-action.

One video ad will be 68% more likely to be remembered than text and image ads combined – along with every other type of ad combination you can think of.

Digital Video advertising trends are sweeping the advertising world, according to eMarketer. It's anticipated that by 2019, advertisers will spend over $35 billion on these types of ads. Video advertising is just one example of why video content marketing is so powerful.

Not only do people tend to remember and trust videos more than traditional ad formats, but they also tend to perform better. Video will continue to play a significant role in the advertising landscape because businesses stand to gain a lot from using video in their strategies. Video ads are a great way to get the word out because they allow you to build a relationship with a target audience, drive customer engagement and increase conversions. Video advertising is becoming more popular by the day, so if your business doesn't have video content marketing in its strategy at this point, it might be time to catch up!

Video Advertising Trends

There are different types of videos you can make depending on the type of business you have - if you're in retail, try showing off your products; if you're in foodservice, show how fresh your ingredients are; if you're in education, try to get testimonials from previous students. Video is an excellent way for potential customers and new customers to see exactly what your business is like and how it works through an online experience.

  Video advertising has been around for years, but only recently has the medium become popular enough to be considered mainstream advertising - anything that's popular can sometimes lead to a backlash, as was the case with paid advertisements on YouTube. Video advertising is clearly a cheaper alternative to TV advertising - it can be done from home without having to have expensive equipment, and you don't have to worry about being scheduled in between other shows - but there's also been a lot of discussions recently about how effective video ads actually are.

In-Stream Ads

It's easy to create an ad with free software like Animoto or Vidyard Video. but the advertising content, that's tough to come by without a purchase intent

If you want to see some great examples of video ads that are non skippable, click here (insert link)

Video ads are proven to increase your customer base by making them pay attention.

Video advertising is a great way to reach a broad range of people through online platforms, a purchase funnel, linear video ads.

Video advertising is the future of marketing!

Video advertising has been sweeping the marketing world lately as businesses realize that this type of advertisement can be invaluable for their company's bottom line. Video advertising is the future of the industry, and it's easy to see why! Video advertising has all sorts of benefits; Video ads are proven to increase your customer base more than standard text advertisements can do. Video ads are cost-effective.

Short Video Ads

A video ad can be used on top-tier websites like YouTube and Facebook for more brand awareness.

Video advertising is trending as the best way for a business to expand its reach and market share. Online video ads and video marketing coupled with the right video advertising campaign using short videos that can be seen on mobile devices and google ads search will grow your business leaps and bounds.

New Features

Features of video ads are engaging and hold more weight than other types of advertisements. Video ads are engaging because they pull the user toward them. A video is an immersive form of media, which attracts the viewer's attention and holds it. Video ads can convey messages more effectively through sound and visual stimulation, making them much more potent than other forms of advertising. Video ads leave a longer-lasting impression on users as well. This type of ad is just much more likely to draw in viewers, consequently boosting the amount of exposure a product or service gets. Video ads are often short in length but are effective in reaching their desired audience. Video advertising has become popular because it provides an easier and more effective way for companies to share messages with current and potential customers.


Brands give businesses a chance to showcase their products and services. Brand videos are highly effective because they give viewers a visual representation of what the company is providing. Customers want to see that what you're offering is high quality at an affordable price instead of just hearing about it on paper. Video advertising allows you to tell your brand's story within seconds, showing why someone should buy from you instead of your competitor. Video ads give businesses a wider audience and market than other types of advertising and marketing techniques. Video advertising is growing in popularity because it more effectively reaches customers through sound, motion, and visuals instead of just using text on a website or blog post.

Native Video Ads

Native Video ads on websites that the target audience frequents often receive a high percentage of click-throughs, which is beneficial for businesses. Video advertising has been shown to raise conversion rates by as much as 80 percent, making them more efficient than other types of advertisements. Native video ads also have a 98 /100 success rate in regard to viewability, which helps businesses get their brand in front of more customers. Video ads can be an effective marketing tool for all brands because they give the intended audience a better idea of how your business can benefit them. Video advertising is becoming very popular because it's much easier to engage with your target audience when you're using video content versus just reading about what they claim.

Ads in General

Banner ads, in-stream ads, short video ads ad this or ad that. Ads are everywhere and every type. If you are looking to start letting more people see your brand, then let's chat about a campaign and letting the world know about you and your brand. The web is a prominent place, but we can help you stand out!

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